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Mineral Go “GREEN”

ທ່ານພ້ອມແລ້ວ ຫຼື ຍັງ🖤💚 ທີ່ຈະຊ່ວຍຮັກສາພາວະໂລກຮ້ອນໄປກັບພ້ອມໆກັບ ມິນີໂຣ🌏🍃♻️

ຟຣຼີຈອກມິນີໂຣ🥤 “ໂກ່ກຣີນ” ເມື່ອຊື້ກາເຟປັ່ນ🤎

🗓 ເລີ່ມ 16-24 ກຸມພາ 2022


Are you ready to join us🖤💚 with our “Go Green” campaign aiming to reduce plastic usage for a better environment 🌏🍃♻️

FREE Go “GREEN” cup🥤 when you purchase our coffee frappe beverage🤎

🗓 16th til 24th February 2022

📌 Limited Quantity only

So hurry❗️grab yours now‼️

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